It is often a thrill when new parents welcome their first child. The joy increases

if they are blessed with more than one child. For the next 18 or so years, most often than not, parents’ lives revolve around their children making sure they have everything possible within their means to enjoy a satisfying life.

As children pass the stages of growth…infant, toddler, young child, and teen, adolescent, adult; many parents watch these stages of growth with joy and pride. Many however, have this nagging fear buried deep and pushed behind their brains; dreading the day the nests will become empty. Some worry because they feel their kids are not ready to face the challenges of adulthood and so want to protect them. Some just make excuses because they want their kids to always be by them.

Granted, it is often an emotional roller coaster when parents have to make the balance and accept the fact that their kids are big. While some kids leave home early, some stay longer for various reasons which may be anything such as lack of financial security, health and other factors be it of themselves or that of their parents in which case they are either forced to stay longer to receive or give care. It is a given that no matter the reasons or circumstances, sooner or later, children will cut the apron strings and leave the nest unless the children are the momma kind who want to remain forever attached to be petted by their parents. My question is in light of this, how prepared are we, especially parents to face the changes and challenges that will come when the nests get empty?


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